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DODGEBALL: The Band and The Darktones Stopover in Chester, NJ

I recently had the opportunity to catch one of the shows on the co-headlined northeast tour between Boston-natives Darktones and the NYC-based DODGEBALL. It was hosted by Jack (of New Brunswick’s Jack and the Me Offs) at a basement show in Chester, NJ. This show was a bit of a special stop on their tour, as it was a hometown show for Fritz Ortman, guitarist for DODGEBALL. The diversity of bands on the bill created moments where the crowd could be, for example, moshing one minute and passionately screaming lyrics the next (or, for the hardcore scene, both).

Recently formed by students at Fordham, DODGEBALL’s emotional rock seems to take vocal influence from the likes of Marietta and TWIABP. But don’t take this as just another emo band; DODGEBALL has a sound reminiscent of the 90s bands that we’ve all come to know and love. This is a band that you can tell loved to perform; there was no sense of disconnect whatsoever between them and the crowd other than a few mic stands.


DODGEBALL’s next show is at the Silent Barn (NYC) on February 24th. There’s a link to the event page here

By Kyle Gelatka


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