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Flipturn – In Concert Review

On the 19th of August, the city of Philadelphia was blessed with an amazing performance by Flipturn at Bourbon and Branch. I have gone to many concerts over my years but by far, Flipturn has hit the top of the list. Via a combination of an elegant atmosphere matched with the bewitching voice of Dillion Basse, along with an excellent overall performance by the rest of the band made this concert an unforgettable experience. Each song captivated the audience and everyone was dancing along. 

Flipturn began their show with “Nickel.” Before hearing the song live, I had no idea how many instrumental elements there were. Tambourine. Intense drums. Drummer Adrian Walker II killed it during their performance, with fans screaming his name over each other. This was a great song to start with because it got fans involved and singing along from the get go.

The band also played breathtaking unreleased songs that matched their image perfectly. I loved how both were a combination of their old, indie rock sound, but also introduced a new sound that was a little more psychedelic. Besides the two new songs, they covered “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club. When I heard the start of this song, I was so excited because Two Door Cinema Club is one of my favorite bands and their cover was flawless. The song that amazed me the most had to be their newest release, “Eleanor.” The vocals blew me away – hearing it on my speakers was completely different compared to hearing it live. 

My favorite part throughout the whole show was their stage presence. Each member was so in tune with their instruments, that it became hard to separate player from playee. They were enjoying the show so much, as shown by how they interacted with the crowd and their dialogue in between songs. At the end of the show, the band wanted fans to talk to them, showing just how down to earth and attentive to their listeners they are. Hard qualities to come by. 

I highly recommend seeing Flipturn live. Listening to them on a streaming service versus seeing the band in concert are completely different experiences. I usually don’t go to concerts alone, but the energy they bring with them is so welcoming and safe that I never felt uncomfortable. They were worth the two hour train ride to Philadelphia and I will definitely see them again if they are back in the Northeast. Flipturn has a big future ahead of them and should be kept on everyone’s radar because they bring a new, fresh sound to indie rock that is much needed.

Review By: Grace Dermenjian