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Talia Stewart Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Music Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with dark-pop artist Talia Stewart! They chatted all things heartbreak, hair, music video directing… but you are definitely going to want to watch the interview for all the deets.


Hand Habits Interview with WRSU

WRSU Video Director Danielle Ciampaglia sat down to chat with Meg of Hand Habits about feeling connected to yourself, working with friends, and what it means to be genuine. Hand Habits just released their 2021 EP, dirt. If you want to listen to some of Meg’s recommendations for required listening, you can go here:…


Dreamer Boy’s All The Ways We Are Together – Album Review

Zach Taylor, known professionally as Dreamer Boy, finished writing his sophomore album set to release on Earth Day, April 22, just as the pandemic reshaped life as we knew it. The pandemic has allowed 23-year-old, Nashville-based musician Zach Taylor to expand the meaning of his All The Ways We Are Together upon what he thought it was. I had the opportunity to take part in a Zoom call with Taylor where he talked about the album and what inspired it.


Cloe Wilder Interview with WRSU


Omar Apollo Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Peter Clarke sat down with Omar Apollo to talk about his most recent album Apolonio, album art, fashion, and way more. Check out the entire interview, and check out more from Omar Apollo and WRSU in the links below.


Raveena Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Nida Ansari had the wonderful chance to chat with dream-pop icon Raveena Aurora. They talked about Raveena’s newest single, “Tweety”, her musical influences, her connection to herself, and way more. Read more of what Nida had to say about the interview here:


CJ’s Loyalty Over Royalty – EP Review

The death of an artist can send shockwaves throughout the entire music industry. Casual listeners rush to their music, while A&R’s rush to sign similar artists. After the premature death of Brooklyn drill superstar Pop Smoke, Staten Island’s own CJ has quickly risen to prominence. He set the internet on fire last summer with his electrifying single “WHOOPTY,” a raucous drill song that managed to find an audience despite drill flooding the hip-hop industry. But while “WHOOPTY” did break through all the noise, his new EP, “Loyalty Over Royalty,” struggles to deliver those same highs, and ultimately left me disappointed. 


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