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“Crew Cuts” 10/8/2019

Miss yesterday’s edition of The WRSU Crew? Get caught up with “Crew Cuts”, and be sure to tune into The WRSU Crew, Mondays through Thursdays, 6-8pm and Fridays, 4-6pm!

The Faim Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Noah Edwards spoke with vocalist Josh Raven and drummer Linden Marissen of the up and coming alternative pop band The Faim. The three talked about the future of their genre and of their band as a whole. Check out the full interview below!

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“Crew Cuts” 10/7/2019

Best from Monday’s edition of The WRSU Crew, with Jake Ostrove, Troy DeSavino, and Brant Wolff.

Get caught up on what you missed today on The WRSU Crew! Be sure to tune in Mondays – Thursdays, 6-8pm and Fridays, 4-6pm.

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“Holy Terrain” – FKA Twigs feat. Future Review

FKA Twigs, preceding her upcoming album MAGDALENE, gave the music industry a peek of the production with her moody single “holy terrain.”  She returns to the molasses tone of her music, building simultaneously intimate and vast landscapes with her voice and production.  In theme with the biblical figure of her new album’s namesake, the vulnerability of her lyrics contrast with the rigid structuring of the song’s instrumental track.  The hip-hop backings of the song create a strong foundation from which Twigs and Future lyrically call for vulnerability and change in a loveless land.  

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Zac Brown Band’s “The Owl” Throws in the Country Towel

Two Fridays ago, the Zac Brown Band released their sixth studio album, The Owl, acquiring almost as many producers as it does tracks. In an age where casual listeners will often answer the question of what kind of music they listen to with, “I don’t know, just not Country,” well, this album may serve them right. But is it really Country? 

The band took on a pretty drastic musical transition, almost ‘Taylor Swift-style,’ with their conforming to the idioms of Pop. While they still remained somewhat true to their country roots, Zac Brown Band incorporated some noticeably cliche, formulaic infusions of pop production into their new LP, officially making their stand into the nauseating ‘subgenre’ that is “Electro-Country.” The Owl makes Garth Brooks look like Johnny Cash, and now, Country’s more dead than that “man in Reno.”

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Mike Teel Talks Rutgers Football with “The Crew”

Rutgers’ all-time passing leader, Mike Teel, joined Jake Ostrove and Justin Sontupe of “The WRSU Crew” Friday afternoon. Teel and the guys talked interim coach Nunzio Campanile, the rise of Rutgers football under Greg Schiano, Teel’s time “on the Banks,” the 2006 Louisville game (and game week!), and the Scarlet Knights’ coaching search.

Former Rutgers QB Mike Teel talks Rutgers Football with “The Crew”

Trash Island by Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital REVIEW

Two years after the release of their first collaborative, self titled album DG, the swedish rap collective Drain Gang is back with Trash Island.  The swedish rap group consisting of Bladee, Thaiboy Digital and Ecco2k, has had quite the past year. Bladee, the self proclaimed “Drain Gang CEO,” is coming off the release of his most popular mixtape yet, Icedancer. While Bladee is not a new name in hip hop, he is very much up and coming. Bladee has received criticism from music reviewers for being another Yung Lean clone, who is one of Bladee’s frequent collaborators and friends. After the success of his mixtapes Red Light and Icedancer, Bladee has in many ways made a name for himself while creating a cult following like few other artists of his popularity. Bladee has been teasing Trash Island for a long time, releasing a couple successful singles over the past year with seemingly no real purpose, such as “Trash Star,” “Apple,” and recently “Vanilla Sky” which is why the surprise release and the fact that the album was collaborative shocked his fanbase. It wasn’t clear what Trash Island was, whether it was a solo album, or even a clothing line, Bladee is very unpredictable. Another reason fans found themselves shocked was the near release of the highly anticipated of Thaiboy Digital’s Legendary Member, a solo project the group has been teasing for two years, being released on September 23rd. 

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Live Review of Daniel Caesar at the Fillmore

At the Fillmore, located in the energetic Fishtown district on the edge of North Philly, Daniel Caesar performed to a sold-out crowd this past Saturday. Caesar showcased his newest album for his headlining tour: Case Study 01. Released in June, the tracks off this album became powerful anthems for the summer months. The line of ten people that I arrived to at 4 in the afternoon had grown to a line of 2,500 before doors opened at 7 PM, and I began to realize the  sheer amount of individuals who are moved by Caesar’s music. My 3 hours of waiting in line on an unusually humid September day was less than ideal, but the payout was incredible.

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Charli XCX – Charli Album Review

In the five years that have passed since her last studio album Sucker, Charli XCX has been hard at work releasing an EP, two mixtapes, and appearing as a featured artist on multiple singles. Her long awaited third LP Charli contains 15 tracks of her usual brand of avant-garde electropop.

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The Self Proclaimed African Giant Returns

“They call me Burna Boy and these are The Outsiders.” 

Burna Boy performed to a rowdy crowd on Friday the thirteenth. After a circus of opening acts ranging from DJs to dance teams to knock-off versions of Cardi B, Burna Boy finally came to the stage. He skillfully merged each song into the next, not taking a break until after an hour to preach to his audience.

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