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Album Of The Week: “Whatever It Takes” By The James Hunter Six (2018)


James Hunter (center) and his band The James Hunter Six.

Simplicity is often the most important key to a sound musical project. Take for example the album “Let it Be” by the Beatles, which, although still a fantastic record, is fairly criticized for its abundant use of melodramatic orchestra instruments and chamber choirs. The extravagant mixing of the LP prompted Paul McCartney decades later to produce a stripped-down version, dubbed “Let it Be Naked”, which placed a greater emphasis on voice and writing, rather than dramatic.     Continue reading »

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Porches “The House” Is An Intimate, Moody Opus

On their sophomore follow-up to 2016’s Pool, electronic outfit Porches has delivered an expertly crafted assortment of melancholic synthpop gems that manage to feel as original as they do warmly familiar. The House, though built firmly on a foundation of electronic music, takes strong cues from the musical intuition of various contemporary indie artists. Alex Giannascoli, of (Sandy) Alex G, is one of several collaborators on this new record. The low-fi musings and unique arrangement style of Giannascoli’s work comes through very clearly as an influence on several 

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WRSU Sports’ Mike Antosiewicz wins Rutgers’ 10th Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 11 years

New Brunswick, N.J. –As he began his senior year at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Michael Antosiewicz began looking for graduate scholarships or fellowships. He sought the advice of Arthur D. Casciato, director of the Office of Distinguished Fellowships.

“He told me, ‘Maybe you should apply for a Gates,’” Antosiewicz said. “I had heard of the Gates Scholarship, but I didn’t think I had a chance, frankly. I told him I was interested in a Fulbright and he said, ‘Yeah, fine, but you really should apply for a Gates.’”

WRSU Sports Broadcaster Mike Antosiewicz

“It would have been very difficult to miss that Michael would make a competitive candidate for any number of national fellowships, no matter how prestigious,” Casciato said. “But the Gates Cambridge seemed an especially snug fit given its emphasis on intellectual acuity and potential for leadership, both of which this thoroughly admirable young man possesses a’plenty.”

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WRSU kicks off $70,000 fundraiser for 70th Anniversary Renovation Project

To kick off 2018, WRSU is embarking on a huge fundraiser.  The goal:  $70,000 for a major studio renovation project to commence soon after the station celebrates its 70th Anniversary this April.


DJ Danny Forman pays tunes on the air during his weekday show in one of the “newer” WRSU studios.

WRSU moved into its current studios 50 years ago.  And while many improvements have been made over the years, some of the technology in the studios is original to the 1968 move-in.  The renovations will include a complete refurbishment of on-air studios – including walls, ceilings and ventilation – as well as new consoles and audio networking, and a digital audio playback system.  All of this is the latest in broadcast technology and aimed at giving WRSU’s student-broadcasters the highest quality real-life radio experience they can get.

If you enjoy WRSU, please give to our campaign.  Click here for more information.

WRSU’S Bri Born Interviews The Dead Flowers

On February 3rd, 2018, the Rock N’ Roll band, The Dead Flowers, from New Brunswick, NJ, sat down for an interview for WRSU. The band was playing a secret show that night in the heart of New Brunswick. We discussed the band’s writing process, musical upbringings, and touring goals. You can check out the interview below:
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Odessey and Oracle: A 50th Anniversary Reflection on the Zombies’ Paramount Album

The Zombies second album, Odessey and Oracle reached the top three albums on WRSU this past month, confirming its transcendence to younger generations. My introduction to The Zombies was their hit, “Time of the Season.”  I only began hearing the Zombies through this 50th anniversary edition of Odessey and Oracle, that was added to WRSU’s rotation. I may not be a Zombies specialist, so if you’re looking for expertise, there are 50 years’ worth of reviews of this album. Consider this take on the album, a new fan’s perspective.

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Grammy Award Season Gripes

The legitimacy of award season, especially for film and television, has long been debated as either a lavish gesture of self-aggrandizement or a necessary recognition of the best and brightest talents amongst us. In recent history, the former argument has been fleshed out further, accusing Hollywood and music industry elites as racially exclusive and socially ignorant.  Although argued by news outlets and common people alike for years now, only recently have the Grammy’s caught on to these criticisms. Despite this renewed sense of self-consciousness, the Recording Academy responded with only lackluster conviction.

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DODGEBALL: The Band and The Darktones Stopover in Chester, NJ

I recently had the opportunity to catch one of the shows on the co-headlined northeast tour between Boston-natives Darktones and the NYC-based DODGEBALL. It was hosted by Jack (of New Brunswick’s Jack and the Me Offs) at a basement show in Chester, NJ. This show was a bit of a special stop on their tour, as it was a hometown show for Fritz Ortman, guitarist for DODGEBALL. The diversity of bands on the bill created moments where the crowd could be, for example, moshing one minute and passionately screaming lyrics the next (or, for the hardcore scene, both).

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Knox Fortune Showcases Versatility and Vibrance on Promising Debut

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Kevin Rhomberg, a.k.a Knox Fortune sounds like a girl.

Well maybe not, but that might’ve been what you thought when you heard him sing the hook for Chance the Rapper’s “All Night”. The high-pitched joyous refrain he laid down for the Coloring Book dance cut was Fortune’s biggest break in the music scene. However, like any hard working musician, it was far from his first involvement on the scene.

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Review: Milky Chance Shine in Long Awaited Philadelphia Return

Milky Chance had been gone for too long. In Philadelphia, just two short weeks ago, the line to get into The Fillmore had stretched in anticipation of their return. The German alt rock/pop band had released their second album, Blossom, to moderate critical acclaim back in March of 2017.

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