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Skyward Story Interview with WRSU

On Wednesday, August 8th, WRSU’s Bri Born had the chance to interview the up and coming pop rock band, Skyward Story. Both Scott Montgomery (guitarist) and Aaron O’Connor (Vocals) called in to chat about their background in music, tour life, and more.

Bri: How was Warped Tour?


S.S: Warped Tour was fun. We managed to play seven shows, we had a pretty decent crowd at every show. We used to go around, trying to hand out bracelets and stuff. We tried to get as many people as we could to come watch us.


Bri: Were there a lot of people who had heard the new single, “New Beginnings”, yet?


S.S: Surprisingly, yeah! We usually do a lot of cross-country runs or we have in the past. So, we met a lot of people that were like, “I used to know you guys or saw you guys before and now you’re playing warped tour.”


Bri: Was that always a dream for you guys then? Since you grew up around bands and listening to a lot of pop punk, did you get to tour with any of them?


S.S: Oh absolutely, there’s always a lot of that on Warped Tour. The first time I went in 2013 or 2014, and it was such a crazy experience I had never really seen before so I always wanted to play it. The following year, I got to play it for the first time. So, being able to do more shows like this was pretty surreal.


Bri: What bands did you guys grow up listening to that were on the tour?


S.S: Simple Plan, who were there, that was pretty cool. We the Kings were there, too. Good Charlotte also played in Baltimore.


Bri: You guys have come a long way with music. How would you describe Skyward Story’s sound now?


S.S: The vibe we’re going for is upbeat and optimistic. We want to avoid sad topics and just want people to have a good time and not feel like they have to- I mean I’d love for people to listen closely to the lyrics- but we just want people to feel good.


Bri: So, what’s the story behind Brandon and Scott finding Aaron?


S.S: Yeah, it was interesting. We were looking for a singer for a bit. The way we found him was not very conventional. We were on twitter under “#singer”, with high hopes to find something. And then, we found a video of him singing and were like, “Wow, he’s really good.” You know, after seeing like five seconds of him singing we sent him a message and it all went from there. It’s crazy.

Bri: Are you guys from the same area?


S.S: No, that’s the crazy part. Me and Brandon are from Maryland and Aaron was in Georgia at the time. So it was quite the move but we made it work.


Bri: What can people expect from your live shows? And are there plans for a tour?


S.S: We definitely are planning some stuff. We’re trying to get some shows ramped up for the fall. We want to keep the hype alive from the Warped Tour shows we played. Obviously, with the release of “New Beginnings” we’d really like to keep that going. We’ve been playing it live and people have been vibing to it. For our live shows, we try to be- we play like we’re in a pop punk band. We’re energetic. We like to have crowd participation as a main thing. We love to see people singing along, jumping with their hands in the air. Crowd participation makes me really happy because it shows that people are vibing to what we’re doing.


Bri: Give me 5 words to describe your shows.


S.S: A vibey good time. Two more would be electric and spontaneous.


Bri: Do you have a dream tour lineup?


S.S: Five Seconds of Summer.


Bri: How do you feel about their new album?


S.S: I love it. I think our sound would support their sound really well.


Bri: Awesome choice! Thanks guys, can’t wait for people to hear your music and I hope to see you on tour soon.

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