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Overnight Sensations:
One of WRSU-FM’s longest running shows!

Overnight Sensations started in 1983 and has had many hosts including Ethan Stein, Matt Pinfield, Bryan Bruden, Brian Bosie, Jared Migden, Lia Wilderman, and others. Through the years of hosts, live-in-studio bands, and guests, the show has always delivered the best local music!

Long time host Geoff Pape retired from WRSU in May 2016. We miss Geoff lots and at the same time are thrilled that Frank Bridges is our next host of Overnight Sensations!

No stranger to radio or local music, Frank started at WRSU in 1990 and has played in many bands over the years. He has lots of cool stuff planned for 2017, be sure to tune in Fridays 10pm-12midnight on WRSU-FM.

FrankFirstOSa[2245]Photo credit: VLH Films

Frank Bridges on his way to Overnight Sensations

GeoffLast OS[2247]Photo credit: Frank Bridges

The closing crew for Geoff’s Overnight Sensations sendoff show: L-R, Patrick (Dinosaur Eyelids), Tiny (A Halo Called Fred), Geoff (WRSU), Queenie (A Halo Called Fred), Gary (The Fletchers), Jared (WRSU), Lisa (WRSU)