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Amber Run Live at The Foundry

Walking in from the streets of Philadelphia, a haze of red light surrounded me as I walked into The Foundry.  People began filling the venue, buzzing with excitement for the show to come. A bar stood in the center of the venue and lavish couches lined the back filled with people ready for Amber Run to take the stage.  Amber Run is an indie-rock group from Nottingham, England consisting of Joshua Keogh, Tom Sperring, and Henry Wyeth. The venue was surrounded in a haze of red light and the crowd was socializing and laughing with drinks in their hands.  Jordan MacKampa, the opening act, took the stage and captivated the crowd that was settling in with buttery, soulful vocals and catchy guitar playing.

Shortly after, Amber Run began, immediately commanding the crowd with “Neon Circus.”  The show felt like one big celebration of music and connection. Mid-set, frontman Joe Keogh took a break to reflect on his grandfather’s passing and how it inspired him to write one of their hits “Amen.”  The crowd nodded along as he spoke and the rest of the band stood back with hands folded. Amber Run played “Amen” followed by the lofi-pop stylized “5AM.” Shortly after, the band transitioned back into their upbeat indie rock music.  Highlights from the show included “Affection,” “Noah,” “Fickle Game,” and “Carousel.” After an energetic finale, the band left the stage, only to come back shortly after for an encore. My favorite song by the band, “Haze” was sung to a silent, mesmerized crowd filling the Foundry with beautiful, melancholy harmonies.  Amber Run finished their set with “I Found,” a fan favorite and “No Answers.”

Amber Run knows how to get a crowd energized and into the music.  Other than the occasional photo or video of the band, the majority of the fans in the crowd spent the show just listening to the music and talking to their friends.  The intimate setting of the venue helped keep the audience stay in touch with the band. Seeing Amber Run live versus just listening to them is completely different. If you have the opportunity, go out and see Amber Run as they finish the North American leg of their tour.

Review By:Emily Teubner