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Badflower in NYC-11.29-Review & Recap

The California band left it all on stage…

For some reason, on Thursday, 11/29, Gramercy Theater opened their doors before the bands had finished sound checking, leaving the crowd to huddle in the lower level lounge. As the people-watcher I am, I enjoyed this time. The noticeable fact was that the crowd was hugely made up of comfortable friends and family, hailing mostly from the Wrecks and Deal Casino’s contact lists. Like their New Jersey show, which I caught a few days later, friends compared to fans of the band is looking at frat boys vs. emo kids during a rock concert. One is seeing the Beastie Boys and the other, Fall Out Boy.

On the other hand,  there was another group of odd people, standing closely behind me as the crowd filed into the venue. They were, as I’d soon learn, there for Badflower, the only band on this tour from the west coast. Those people behind me were wearing black from head to toe, and their voices rang as the lights dimmed and Badflower took the stage, cordially welcoming the band.

Heavier and tighter sonically than Deal Casino, who had gone on first, Badflower brought the second layer of energy out of the crowd. Suddenly those fans standing behind me were not alone, they were everywhere. As I wandered through the crowd to the pit for the photo opp, I read an increasing wave of lips reciting lyrics and bodies reciting melodies back to the band.

After the first song, “Soap”,  lead singer Josh Katz mentioned the crowd’s enthusiasm for the night, suggesting that maybe the band had brought in friends, the label, and many fans, to the show that night, too. Katz continued the rest of the set with an contagious smile on his face for their followers.

The band’s music sounded extraordinarily similar to their recorded music that I had listened to previously. Every song of theirs had a different flare or attitude that was accentuated by high amounts of rock and roll energy & by their musical talents, but never strayed from sounding like Badflower.

There is nothing better for frequent concert goers like myself to be unexpectedly taken back by the opening band. Badflower was one of those memorable openers. They played the stage like it was their own, moving around every inch, not holding back one bit. They laid it all out on the line for people to judge. Based on the crowd’s reaction, they certainly have an invitation to come back to New York whenever they’d like… I would see them again in a heartbeat!

Many people filed out after Badflower, proving once again, that they are loved in New York. Many new fans were gained that night as well, as people chatted the band up outside after the show, taking photos, relaying heartfelt stories to the band members, etc.

Their most popular song, Ghost, was both painful and beautiful live in the packed-in venue. Their emotional, unstoppable performance of the song lingered both lightly over and heavily within the crowd for the rest of their set, hugging those who needed it.

Oftentimes we see opening acts, think nothing of them, and even daydream of what the headliner will be like to pass the time. In this case, Badflower held the crowd’s attention, inviting people into their world and introducing people to music that will confidently strike a chord in everyone.

More Badflower:
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Review by Bri Born