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Chase Atlantic Live Show Recap & Interview

Artist: Marine Eltalkhawi

As the crowd built up outside the Theatre of Living Arts in Philly on Sunday, February 25th, 2018, fans of different backgrounds, ages, and attitudes, joined the line. However, the Chase Atlantic fans seemed to gravitate towards one another, adorned with vivid hair, darkened eyes, and seemingly unfit, yet inviting, smiles. Laughter & singsong of the band’s music lingered down the line, as the vigor of the crowd strengthened, and time ticked on. From the sidelines, I could feel the emotion beaming from the highlighted teenagers, who quickly lured me into the crowd with warm welcomes and contagious excitement.

Inside, the crowd grew and faint whispers about the bands about to appear began, from all ends. Devotees of Lights, the headlining act,¬†remained naively equipped to coast through the opening sets. At least it seemed so, until the lights dimmed for Chase Atlantic’s entrance and the crowd reappeared with a completely new set of faces in the front row. Those who did not hold on may have been treading water during “Swim”, the first song performed by Chase Atlantic.

Check out the new music video for “Swim” here:

The crowd threw the lyrics back to the band, fighting for the chance that those words would connect to theirs, in one harmonious line dance.

The band consists of Mitchel Cave, the Lead Singer, Clinton Cave, Lead Guitarist and Saxophonist, and Christian Anthony on Rhythm Guitar & Vocals. The three originate from Australia. Jesse Boyle (drums) and Patrick Wilde (guitar and bass) also smash it on stage with the band.


Mitchel spent more time in the air that night than on his own two feet. His hands remained risen to the ceiling, as if they controlled the energy level in the room. Hands from all angles reached out from the audience to be held back. An immense love for the music filled the gap between the stage and the barricades.

I could no longer feel the pushing and pulling from all sides because the chromatic, cinematic moment, was going down right in front of me. Each member had a particular way of showing they felt the vibes of the music. Patrick’s grin stood cemented on his face while his hands did the sliding, pulling and pressing on the strings throughout their set. At times, Mitchel’s hair covered his face, and his eyes closed somewhere beneath the atmosphere. One of his hands gripped the mic, the other hand held out, and his voice chimed ’til all the sweet air had been exhaled. It was as if the emotion could take off at any moment, from any point on the stage, through the individual instruments. Each member of the band proved his relevance to Chase Atlantic on Sunday, as if he had to.

Not only was the crowd connected to the band, and the band connected to the instruments, but a sense of the band members’ connections to the one another also resonated with the spectators. With the same passion that Christian reveals when he delivered his verses, Mitchel synchronically moved his body. During “Into It”, the band began close together, then slowly moved apart from the center of the stage, like each of them was a magnet. The music was almost like an invisible web between the band members. Whether that coordinated movement was routine, or improvised, I instantly sensed the family that was on stage.

Lights never strobed harder, moments never felt more exaggerated, and melodies never hung for so long in my mind after a live show. In a world where live music is one of the only acts that hasn’t changed, at its core, because of technology, it’s important for bands to keep tugging music lovers’ heartstrings, just as Chase Atlantic did on Sunday night.

Chase Atlantic has only stepped on the sands of music, left from bands who came before them, but with their youthfulness, influence and musical fluidity, this tour has only set a precedence¬†for what’s to come.

So, what genre are they?
My Answer: Their sound is a lot easier to listen to than it is to describe:

A few days after the Philly show, 1/3 of the band was able to call into WRSU for a phone interview. After seeing them live, I was eager to know more about life on the road, and how they balanced work, music, & play.

Check out my interview with the guitarist/saxophonist/backup vocalist of Chase Atlantic, Clinton Cave:


by Bri Born

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