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Concert Review: Tipling Rock

In the back of Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg, Tipling Rock put on a fun-filled show that gave memories that will last a lifetime. Tipling Rock is a surf rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that brings a fun atmosphere wherever they perform. 

The local opener, Hoax, came out matching the surf rock experience. They came out in matching Dickie’s jumpsuits, but each member added their own fun flair with a baby pink cowboy hat or a beanie with cool, hexagon shaped sunglasses. Everyone in the crowd was feeling the music, and they really set the stage for Tipling Rock. 

Tipling Rock began with an old single, “Prima Donna.” The flashing lights that coordinated with the melodies of their music got the whole crowd, including myself, hooked.  

Besides their singles they have released over the years, Tipling Rock played a new song, “Karma,” along with a cover of the famous Strokes hit, “Someday.” Their new song sounded very on-brand with the same style they have with their old hits but with fresh, new guitar riffs and unique lyrics that will make “Karma” a hit in the future. “Someday” had to be my favorite song they played. The lead singer, Ben Andre, added his twist with his unique, beachy voice while the bassist, Dillion Salkowitz, danced with the crowd, hitting every note of the song with perfection. 

The band really connected with their fans throughout the whole show, creating sensation. Ben explained his deep past to the audience about why he wrote “Love Without a Reason,” exposing how he felt he had no purpose in his life. To make the crowd feel included, they invited fans to sing on stage for the last chorus of “Campus Fashion.” The three girls invited on stage funnily interacted with the band from one girl headbanging to the song and pointing out to the crowd while the other was back to back with Ben Andre, belting the lyrics. Doing this with the fans really showed me the true character of the band and how genuine they are. 

They later came back for an encore and closed with their most famous and well-known hit, “Staring.” Hearing the song live made the lyrics come to life and added a beautiful ending to a great night. 

Tipling Rock now has a special place in my heart with the fantastic performance they put on in Brooklyn. From everything to the venue they performed to the opening band that gave a strong start to the show to how they interacted with the crowd, I will remember this night forever.

Article By: Grace Dermenjian