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WRSU’s 70th Anniversary Renovation Project

WRSU turns 70 this April!  Sure, you’ve heard that by now.  But you don’t get to be 70 years old without needing a little work.  A nip here, a tuck there.  Well, WRSU is looking for more than a little Botox.

Station management is planning a complete overhaul of the studios this summer to provide a state-of-the-art facility that will train our students with the best and very latest equipment:  IP-networked mixing boards, digital audio systems.  Did you know most WRSU music is played off CDs?  It’s time for Rutgers Radio to make the jump from the early 1990s to the year 2020 and beyond, and we plan to do so this summer.  But we need your help!

Old Equipment

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Take a look at our outdated equipment.  Our NewsProduction booth features a 1980s-era mixing board, with limited production capabilities, and no “professional” way to conduct phone interviews.  Our News Booth has been used as storage for too long.  And our Production studio – our back-up on-air studio – is running a 1980s console that was donated by NBC after running Saturday Night Live audio for years.  Historic?  Sure.  But not the best to train students who will graduate in 2017.  Even the original sound treatment is missing from the walls.  What was installed when we first moved to the College Avenue Student Center in 1968 was taken down years ago when it no longer met code.

New Equipment

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Here, you see “FM,” our main broadcast studio at WRSU.  The console is much more up-to-date, the furniture is newer and not retro-fitted, and our students can learn on equipment they will see when they take on internships, and they move on after graduation to become professionals in the broadcast field.  But even FM needs upgrades, including networking between this and our newer studios that will make broadcasting from anywhere a snap, and exactly how the “pros” do it.  And sure, we’ll probably always play some classic WRSU music from CDs, and even vinyl!  But the future (actually, even the present!) is digital, and WRSU needs to make that step up to a professional level of radio automation.

Donate Now

Here’s a list of perks for donating!

Donation Tier Perk
Title ($70) This is our base donation. $70 to mark WRSU’s 70th Anniversary. We’ll even send you a cool WRSU t-shirt!
Title ($250) This is our 2nd level donation. We’ll send you a WRSU sweatshirt or vinyl record design tote bag.
Title ($700) This is our third level donation, and designed for sports fans. We’ll enter you into a drawing to become a guest-host on Knightline after a 2018 football game!
Title ($887) 887 isn’t a round number, but it has some meaning to us! We’ll enter you in a drawing to be a guest DJ of your choice on any WRSU show in the Fall of 2018!