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Dreamer Boy’s All The Ways We Are Together – Album Review

Zach Taylor, known professionally as Dreamer Boy, finished writing his sophomore album set to release on Earth Day, April 22, just as the pandemic reshaped life as we knew it. The pandemic has allowed 23-year-old, Nashville-based musician Zach Taylor to expand the meaning of his All The Ways We Are Together upon what he thought it was. I had the opportunity to take part in a Zoom call with Taylor where he talked about the album and what inspired it.

Taylor hosts Zoom sessions with his followers in hopes they “feel they have a small percentage of what we wish we could have right now,” which is the type of connection and community his upcoming album is about. All The Ways We Are Together came about by “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks,” said Taylor. He has been experimenting with Nashville twang, indie-folk, pop, and hip-hop, tapping into the corners of himself and the likes of his audience.

The album is written about Taylor experiencing true love, relationships, and friendships for the first time, including the joys and difficulties that come along with it. Taylor says he is at a point where he is coming to terms with his relationships and his place in the world, which inspired his upcoming work.

Ironically, Taylor did not make the album with the intention of releasing it on Earth Day, but its imagery taps into his desire to feel connected to everything around him. Taylor wants his listeners to feel this way with a hazy, The Beach Boys-esque track titled “Bike. According to Taylor, it’s the kind of song you lay outside in the grass and listen to while appreciating the present and your surroundings, the environment and friends included.

In the spirit of harmony, togetherness, (and the pandemic), Taylor created a private Instagram account that anyone is open to follow, called @allthewayswearetogether, which has allowed him to connect with the community that inspired his upcoming album. He has used it as an opportunity to shine light on personal connections while being isolated from each other.

Taylor’s music and attitude exudes genuine love and positivity, but he finds importance in letting his guard down. The music he has been writing while quarantined has been about “getting to the light that’s at the center of you and nurturing, protecting, and treating it nicely,” said Taylor.

You can catch me laying in the grass listening to All The Ways We Are Together after it comes out this Thursday, and I will be sure to have all of my friends listening along with me once the world permits.

Article By: Olivia Stabile