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Fleece Interview w/ WRSU

If you’ve never heard gay rock music, there’s no better place to start than Fleece. Montreal based Fleece is made up of Matt, Megan, Ethan, and Jameson. Their ethereal tone is enough to make you feel warm inside — if it’s ever safe to leave my house again, this is what I imagine myself driving into the city with.

When I sat down with them last week, they were welcoming and funny. They were so welcoming and funny that it was almost too difficult to edit the interview. Everything they said felt too important to cut, sort of like an inside joke we were all apart of. Their introspective look at their creative process and openness about their growth was refreshing. Interviews like this are one of the few things that are getting me through this weird, perpetual purgatory that we’re all living in. It only took us two Zoom calls and twice the amount of time we planned for, but we did it. You can watch the full thing below. 

By Danielle Ciampaglia


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