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Cloe Wilder Interview with WRSU


Omar Apollo Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Peter Clarke sat down with Omar Apollo to talk about his most recent album Apolonio, album art, fashion, and way more. Check out the entire interview, and check out more from Omar Apollo and WRSU in the links below.


Raveena Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Nida Ansari had the wonderful chance to chat with dream-pop icon Raveena Aurora. They talked about Raveena’s newest single, “Tweety”, her musical influences, her connection to herself, and way more. Read more of what Nida had to say about the interview here:


CJ’s Loyalty Over Royalty – EP Review

The death of an artist can send shockwaves throughout the entire music industry. Casual listeners rush to their music, while A&R’s rush to sign similar artists. After the premature death of Brooklyn drill superstar Pop Smoke, Staten Island’s own CJ has quickly risen to prominence. He set the internet on fire last summer with his electrifying single “WHOOPTY,” a raucous drill song that managed to find an audience despite drill flooding the hip-hop industry. But while “WHOOPTY” did break through all the noise, his new EP, “Loyalty Over Royalty,” struggles to deliver those same highs, and ultimately left me disappointed. 


Dayglow Interview with WRSU

If you use Spotify, Tiktok, or just listen to the radio, by now you’ve heard the song “Can I Call You Tonight” by Dayglow. I got to chat with the artist, Sloan Struble, about his new music, album, and his plans for the future. I’m not sure what I was expecting but he was more warm and welcoming than I would’ve imagined and just plain cool. We got to go into detail on his two recently released singles (“Close to You” and “Something”) as well as his new album Harmony House, which comes out May 21st. Sloan talked about his musical and professional growth, as well as his intentions for the new album and what he hopes listeners will take away from it. We also got to talk about his life and what it’s been like as a musician/person during this craziness we’re all living through. I can’t wait to hear the new album and experience all the effort Sloan’s put into it!


“Agatha All Along” – Single Review

Warning: WandaVision spoilers ahead.

If you’ve seen Disney+’s latest Marvel show WandaVision, then I am sure you are familiar with the plot-revealing song that made its debut at the end of the seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” “Agatha All Along” confirmed many fan theories that the nosy neighbor Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn, was actually Agatha Harkness, a witch who survived the Salem Witch Trials. Although some were shocked by this revelation, most viewers were more entertained by the unique musical number that explained this major plotline than the actual plotline itself.


Is Shakira a Furry?

Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz

It all started in the summer of 2009. Famed Latin pop star Shakira released the music video for her single “She Wolf,” a song that talks about letting out the inner wolf during the nighttime. Back then, I didn’t think much of the message behind Shakira’s lyricism. Innocently, I thought she was talking about transforming into an actual wolf. However, almost 12 years later, I can’t help but to think–Is Shakira a furry? 

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