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Introducing: The Peach Tree Rascals

by Deven Sukhdeo

PTR performing at Boston Calling 2022, photo by Deven Sukhdeo

The Peach Tree Rascals (PTR) are a music collective from California best known for their wholesome sound and viral song “Mariposa”. I recently had the chance to interview the very lovable group at Boston Calling 2022, a music festival that they performed at this summer. 

The group considers themselves a family and each of the members have a fun and dynamic personality. Despite all of the fun they have, they also are very hardworking and talented. 

Here is a brief introduction to each of the members-

Tarrek is a singer and songwriter for the group. He claims that, “It don’t matter the time or place. If you tell me to shake it, I will shake it.” He later says that, “I would survive the titanic…I’m built different.”

Jorge describes himself as, “The creative director… I have asthma, and I am allergic to peaches (ironically).”

Joseph is a singer songwriter with a ketchup phobia. Other members of PTR mention, “We thought he was lying at first.”

Dom plays piano and helps to produce PTR’s music. He introduced himself by saying, “I like to dance.” The others mention that, “We don’t let Dom decide where we eat. He has the taste buds of a 4-year old.”

Jasper plays guitar during live shows and also helps with producing and songwriting. He ensures that, “At any moment I can strip down.” 

Isac introduces himself as, “A rapper, philosopher, and philanthropist. I’m working on my phd in bio-genetics…I’ve worked almost everyone here on the basketball court.”


We had a wild conversation about everything from MythBusters to cooking adobo chicken. But, despite all the goofiness, there were also a lot of moments where the boys were candid about their background and success.

They are a very diverse group – Joseph is Filipino and Tarrek is Palistinian. Jorge, Issac, Jasper, and Dom are all Mexican. We talked about how that diversity manifested itself in positive ways for the group.

Issac said, “Most of us have immigrant parents. We take their work ethic and we bring that into the studio. Growing up around that, it’s easy for us to work hard and put our heads down until success comes.”

They also mentioned that the success has been more than just superficial for them.

“There are perks that come with the success; we were able to help our families.”

The Peach Tree Rascals are at a pivotal point in their career, where they are gaining lots of positive attention from critics and fans alike. This is where celebrities often begin to focus on fame and status and lose touch with who they are. But despite having over three hundred million monthly Spotify listeners, they love each and every fan, and their positivity and personality shines through all of their work.

You can listen to their new single, LET U GO here.