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Is Shakira a Furry?

Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz

It all started in the summer of 2009. Famed Latin pop star Shakira released the music video for her single “She Wolf,” a song that talks about letting out the inner wolf during the nighttime. Back then, I didn’t think much of the message behind Shakira’s lyricism. Innocently, I thought she was talking about transforming into an actual wolf. However, almost 12 years later, I can’t help but to think–Is Shakira a furry? 

Hear me out, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for her to be a furry. I’m just curious about what she’s trying to subconsciously portray to audiences. Here what I have noticed so far regarding the talented performer. 

Looking at the lyrics of the single, there’s quite a bit to unpack. The intro starts with a mini chant:

S.O.S, she’s in disguise

S.O.S, she’s in disguise

There’s a she wolf in disguise

Coming out, coming out, coming out”

Why is there an S.O.S, a sign of distress, being issued? Looking at the third line, it’s made known that the wolf isn’t in her final form, she’s hidden behind a guise, most likely a human disguise. The chant ends with the declaration that Shakira is coming out, which insinuates that she’s finally letting us know of her true identity of being a furry. 

She goes on to drop other hints of her being a furry such as, “A domesticated girl, that’s all you ask of me,” “Let it out so it can breathe,” and “The moon’s my teacher, and I’m her student.” At first glance, one would think that she’s transforming into a wolf since she mentions lycanthropy. However, we know that werewolves are not real. The closest Shakira can be to becoming a wolf is through putting on a costume. 

In the music video, viewers see Shakira in a golden cage with a sign on top that reads, “Do Not Feed the Animal.” In an interview with MTV, she explained the meaning behind being trapped in such a cage. “I just wanted to express what it feels like for the she-wolf to be in captivity,” she said. “To be in a golden cage. I think I’ve been in a golden cage most of my life. And now not anymore.” With a variety of visual cues, it’s difficult not to think that Shakira is a furry. 

Perhaps this was a one-time thing. After all, she hasn’t been seen wearing her fursuit, right? 

Flash forward to the 2020 Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show where Shakira is performing with Jennifer Lopez. In the first part of the spectacle, Shakira wears a red outfit, wristbands, and boots. Although the attire complements her well, it’s the same outfit her character, Gazelle, wears in Zootopia (2016), a film filled with anthropomorphic animals–a paradise for the furry community. 

In an interview with People Magazine, Shakira revealed how involved she was in the making of her Zootopia character. “[Disney] decided to tell me about Gazelle and what she was like and her personality, the things that she stood for,” said the acclaimed singer. “And I just felt that I needed identification with it, and I said to them, ‘Listen, this is me. Gazelle is me. I’m in. You can hire me now if you want!’” Need I say more? 

Shakira continues to identify with Gazelle, sharing posts of her fursona dancing to her featured song. Whether you choose to believe that she is a furry or not, you can’t deny her amazing dance skills and unique vocals. 

Perhaps other artists have also dropped hints of being a furry. Until then, they live amongst us, hidden in plain sight.

Article By: Selena Choy


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