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Live Show Preview: We Came As Romans

by Evan Leong

Photo Credit: Atom Splitter PR

This Sunday, American metalcore band We Came As Romans is set to arrive at Irving Plaza in New York City. Supported by metal acts Brand of Sacrifice and Erra, the tour marks the first since the release of We Came As Romans’ 2022 album, Darkbloom.

Darkbloom is a product of grief, loss, and ultimately, hope. In 2018, tragedy struck when co-vocalist and keyboardist Kyle Pavone passed away unexpectedly. What followed was a global pandemic that ended global touring for artists around the world. But We Came As Romans persevered. On October 14, 2022, the Detroit-based band unveiled their sixth studio album, with co-vocalist Dave Stephens taking lead vocal duties.

Like the band’s previous records, Darkbloom bursts with energy. The title track combines heavy breakdowns with atmospheric electronics, “Black Hole” featuring Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo, exemplifies the band’s signature catchy choruses, while “Plagued” offers up-tempo, heavy guitar riffs. But beneath the energy are somber undertones resulting from a lengthy period of grief and heartache. The band’s emotional tribute to Pavone closes with the lyrics, “And I promise you, I will never stop saying your name.”

In the end, the experience made the band stronger. “Even when it seems like the task is impossible, we somehow push through to the other side,” Stephens said in an interview with Alternative Press. “The silver lining of the pandemic and Kyle passing away is that it brought us a lot closer together.”

We Came As Romans will perform this Sunday at Irving Plaza in New York City. Stay tuned for our photos and post-show coverage here at WRSU.