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Live Show Recap: Golden Child x White Eagle Hall

By Chey Olexa

Photo Credit: Chey Olexa

After a fan meeting tour in the U.S. earlier this year, K-pop boy group Golden Child has come back to the Americas for another round of shows. Starting out their round of dates in the United States, the members stopped by White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. 

The night started with activities between the members and VVIPs when they held a signing session where their fans could get either a poster or album signed by the members while getting to chat for a few moments. Fans were gushing about their fun interactions for the rest of the night. I was one of the lucky VVIPs and the eight men who were able to come on this tour made sure each fan felt welcome while talking to them, thanking each person for their visit. VIPs were then let in before a short soundcheck performance where the group performed a song before the main show.

The show itself was full of title tracks from their five year discography along with fan favorite b-sides. The members mentioned the difficulty that came with planning a setlist when having many songs released so they made sure to perform an acapella section with a little snippet of just a few of the tracks that didn’t make it this time around. The setlist was full of songs that showcased the different sides of the group from their ballad-like music such as “All Day” to their mature concepts with “Wannabe” to their cute side with their debut track “DamDaDi”. Golden Child has many colors to their music and this concert did a great job of showcasing their unique sound.

The night was bittersweet as the members acknowledged the absence of their youngest and oldest members who couldn’t join but they made sure to keep them involved by using cutouts of the two of them made by fans. The group hopes to come back soon and made sure to let fans know of their love for the New York/New Jersey area. Golden Child was a group very interactive with their crowd, cheering with them, giving gifts, and asking for different kinds of engagement throughout the show. The night came to a close with a snapshot session hosted by the tour managers, Studio PAV. Everyone who was lucky enough to purchase a snapshot ticket was able to get a polaroid taken with the member their ticket is for, picking a pose for the member and them to do together. 

While the show was focused on giving fans a night to interact with the group to the very end, there were non-fans in attendance that enjoyed the show as well. K-pop groups have a wide diversity in their music that makes it easy for fans of any genre to enjoy. It just takes finding the right songs. Golden Child is a group that constantly switches concepts and does it well so they have their own sound while experimenting with each comeback. While standing for this show, it’s hard to not dance to at least one of their songs.

While waiting for their next comeback, take a look at their socials for behind the scenes shots and videos of their tour and other appearances they’ve made. Check out their latest album “AURA” which gives a look into the different types of tracks you can find throughout their discography.