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Live Show Recap: NCT Dream @ Prudential Center

By Chey Olexa

After nearly 7 years since their debut, NCT Dream has come on their first full-group tour to the United States. The NCT subunit has been releasing hits and topping charts in various countries since 2016. Their tour, The Dream Show 2 made stops in Asia and Europe before their first show on the American leg in Newark on April 5.

Fans made the best of their day in the city with free fan-made goodies along with events hosted by different groups. Some freebies spotted were photocards and phone charms with different members’ names. If you came before 5 p.m., there were cupsleeves being given to those who bought drinks at the local bubble tea spot. At 4 p.m., many gathered for what is called a random play dance. This is where the choruses of popular K-pop songs are played at random and those who know the choreography come to the center to show off their skills. Despite the chilly, wet weather, everyone was kept in good spirits with those around them.

The show was electric from start to finish. From the moment everyone’s lightsticks lit up to the moment the lights came back on, fans were screaming in glee. The setlist included songs from all eras of the subunit’s career from their debut song “Chewing Gum” to their latest release “Candy.” There were different medleys performed throughout the show in order to include as many tracks as possible. One of these medley’s included what is called the “first love” series. This part of the set started with a fun skit of the members observing their youngest, Jisung, and his troubles texting his “first love”. The songs in the performance included “My First and Last”, “Bye My First…”, “Love Again”, “To My First”, “Sorry Heart” and “Puzzle Piece.” Many of their popular title tracks were performed in shorter versions throughout the night.

All sides of NCT Dream’s performance skills made an appearance during the concert. Throughout the set, they made sure to include songs that showcased their vocal and rapping skills along with their choreography heavy tracks. This included a dance to the song “Quiet Down” with transparent boxes as props that some members moved inside while some moved on top. As the setlist was filled with songs from all eras of their career, the group transitioned from youthful to mature so there really was something for everyone. Even security was found dancing along to their English version of “Beatbox.”

Each of the seven members gave their all. There were many fun moments to be caught as the night went on and the members gave their farewell speeches. Some fans were lucky enough to interact with the guys from a distance. During their encore stage, the audience was allowed to throw gifts on the stage (carefully) as NCT Dream played with a few of the stuffed animals and hats on the floor.

Both the group and the fans waited patiently for this tour and it was a positive experience for all in attendance. As of this writing, The Dream Show 2 is making its final few stops in the U.S. before heading back over to Asia. When this subunit comes back around, it is worth a visit no matter how much of a fan you are. While awaiting for Dream’s comeback, NCT’s newest unit ‘DOJAEJUNG’ is debuting with the mini album “Perfume.” Make sure to check out NCT’s extensive discography. There are so many different styles so you’re bound to find a few new songs you’ll love.