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Named “Best Station Blog” for 2020 by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System!!
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WRSU's Music Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with dark-pop artist Talia Stewart! They chatted all things heartbreak, hair, music video
WRSU Video Director Danielle Ciampaglia sat down to chat with Meg of Hand Habits about feeling connected to yourself, working
Zach Taylor, known professionally as Dreamer Boy, finished writing his sophomore album set to release on Earth Day, April 22,
From dark bedroom pop to the all-pink aesthetic of both her new album and her bedroom, Cloe Wilder is a
WRSU's Peter Clarke sat down with Omar Apollo to talk about his most recent album Apolonio, album art, fashion, and
WRSU's Nida Ansari had the wonderful chance to chat with dream-pop icon Raveena Aurora. They talked about Raveena's newest single,
The death of an artist can send shockwaves throughout the entire music industry. Casual listeners rush to their music, while
If you use Spotify, Tiktok, or just listen to the radio, by now you’ve heard the song “Can I Call
Warning: WandaVision spoilers ahead. If you’ve seen Disney+’s latest Marvel show WandaVision, then I am sure you are familiar with
It all started in the summer of 2009. Famed Latin pop star Shakira released the music video for her single
You may not know his name, but you definitely know his music. K Camp, the artist behind some of the biggest
The legendary Queen: one band, accompanied by one audience, playing as one entity. Whether you were playing Queen’s record in
If you’ve never heard gay rock music, there’s no better place to start than Fleece. Montreal based Fleece is made
WRSU's R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner sat down with Couch to chat about their career, and new EP, releasing February 26th!
WRSU's R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with Beau Dega over Zoom to chat about his new music, hating rich
After a string of singles in 2020, including the explicit version of their 2007 classic “Potential Breakup Song,” Aly &
WRSU's R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with Juniper over Zoom to chat about their upcoming releases, TikTok marketing, college
WRSU's Assistant Music Director Chloe Tai caught up with Neon Dreams to talk about their new album, The Happiness of
WRSU's Selena Choy sat down with Sedona to talk about the creative process behind their EP, journaling, and post-COVID goals.
WRSU Assistant Music Director Chloe Tai sat down with dynamic singer-songwriter Kai. They got to talking about Kai's new album
WRSU DJ Harry Wiley had the opportunity to sit down with Indie-funk up and comers Wishbone. They talked about the
This last Monday, Bleachers surprised fans and listeners with two brand new singles from the junior LP which is set
Top Dawg Entertainment, one of the most revered labels in modern day hip hop, is back on the music radar
WRSU Video Director Danielle Ciampaglia sat down with the very kind and funny singer/songwriter Fenne Lily for a refreshing conversation
The Philadelphia DIY band Goings released their debut album last Friday (the thirteenth… BOO). With its precise advancement, the album
WRSU's Yati Sanghvi and Philadelphia's Corey Flood sat down to talk about writing inspiration, the creative process behind their most
WRSU's Hip-Hop Director Kaylee Landrigan had the chance to chat with up-and-coming RnB artist Omah Lay back in September. They
WRSU's Emily Teubner chatted with The Happy Fits over Zoom to talk about their new album, life in 2020, the
Westside Gunn has finally released his major label debut, Who Made The Sunshine, after independently releasing dozens of projects over
WRSU's Visual Media Director Danielle Ciampaglia sat down with London-based dream pop band Kin to talk about the band's origin

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Bennett Rosner, Music Director
WRSU-FM, Rutgers Radio
126 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1166

How to Send Us Digital Music:

Please send full-length albums or EPs as a zipped folder:
Files must be in either WAV or 320 kbps MP3 format. 
Please address music to the following people:
Bennett Rosner, Music Director
NACC 200, Loud Rock (Metal), other genres not listed below
AJ Frigoletto – RPM (Electronic)
Kaylee Landrigan – Hip-Hop
Paula Santana – World