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Overnight Sensations

Tune in Friday nights from 10:00pm to midnight!

Overnight Sensations was born in the mid 1980s on Rutgers University’s student-run radio station WRSU 88.7 FM to highlight the burgeoning New Brunswick, NJ, music scene. The show has been hosted over the years by national and local luminaries alike, such as Matt Pinfield (yes, THE Matt Pinfield), Bryan Bruden, Ethan Stein, Jared Migden, Geoffrey Pape, Brian Bosie, Lia Wilderman, Ted Cogswell, and Eric Gundry.

Frank Bridges was given the reigns of the show in May, 2016, and has taken the tradition of having bands come up to play live on the air and to be interviewed, and turned it into this podcast – Overnight Sensations Live. The podcast design is equal parts KEXP in-studio performance and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert show, and if all things go well a healthy dash of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

Overnight Sensations airs live on Friday nights from 10 pm to midnight. We start spinning local music at 10 and the band goes live at 10:30. Tune in to WRSU 88.7 FM if you’re in the greater New Brunswick, NJ, area or stream us through wrsu.org, download the WRSU app through iTunes and Google Play, or through the TuneIn app. Also, follow us on Facebook for show playlists and info on upcoming bands and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, or by RSS.

The live performances are engineered by the wizardry of Paul Fowlie, Max Cicchino, Jennifer Lopes, and Brandon Beatty.

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