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K Camp Interview with WRSU

You may not know his name, but you definitely know his music. K Camp, the artist behind some of the biggest dance crazes and party anthems, has dropped Kiss 5, a deluxe version of his star-studded R&B album “for the ladies” (as he likes to say). After the huge success of “Lottery (Renegade)”, K Camp has slowly been receiving the attention he deserves as a versatile artist in both the hip-hop and R&B worlds. He’s been working non-stop: dropping new freestyles, new projects, and even starting his own clothing brand.

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News Of The World – Throwback Album Review

The legendary Queen: one band, accompanied by one audience, playing as one entity. Whether you were playing Queen’s record in your college dorm room, listening along to their songs on the radio, or front row at the famous Live AID benefit concert, there was no doubt that you were singing along at the top of your lungs and forgetting about all of life’s responsibilities. Queen’s music had a certain enchantment that engulfed any person within listening distance- especially the iconic 1977 album: News Of the World

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Fleece Interview w/ WRSU

If you’ve never heard gay rock music, there’s no better place to start than Fleece. Montreal based Fleece is made up of Matt, Megan, Ethan, and Jameson. Their ethereal tone is enough to make you feel warm inside — if it’s ever safe to leave my house again, this is what I imagine myself driving into the city with.

When I sat down with them last week, they were welcoming and funny. They were so welcoming and funny that it was almost too difficult to edit the interview. Everything they said felt too important to cut, sort of like an inside joke we were all apart of. Their introspective look at their creative process and openness about their growth was refreshing. Interviews like this are one of the few things that are getting me through this weird, perpetual purgatory that we’re all living in. It only took us two Zoom calls and twice the amount of time we planned for, but we did it. You can watch the full thing below. 

By Danielle Ciampaglia

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Couch Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner sat down with Couch to chat about their career, and new EP, releasing February 26th!

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Aly & AJ Interview w/ WRSU

WRSU Video Director Danielle Ciampaglia recently had the opportunity to sit down with pop icons Aly & AJ to chat about their new music. Through their conversation, they talk about the intersection of different creative outlets, making music that feels authentic to themselves, and way more. Their new single, “Listen!!!” was released on January 15. Listen to the interview below!

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Beau Dega Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with Beau Dega over Zoom to chat about his new music, hating rich people, and the effects of the pandemic on his music career.

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“Listen!!!” Is Exactly What 2021 Needs

After a string of singles in 2020, including the explicit version of their 2007 classic “Potential Breakup Song,” Aly & AJ came into 2021 ready to deliver. And you know what? They did. 

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Juniper Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s R&B/Soul Director, Emily Teubner, sat down with Juniper over Zoom to chat about their upcoming releases, TikTok marketing, college band life, and more!

Edited by Emily Teubner

More Juniper:

More WRSU:

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WRSU alum Nicole Murray to host nationally-syndicated “PopCrush Nights”

WRSU alum Nicole Murray (SAS ’15) has been named the new host of “PopCrush Nights,” a nationally-syndicated radio show based on the widely-read and cited pop culture and music site

“PopCrush Nights” features the hottest new pop music and trending entertainment and music information, and airs weeknights from 7 pm-midnight on 17 stations across the country, including at the Jersey Shore on WJLK, 94.3 “The Point” in Toms River.

Nicole Murray in a promotional web graphic for her own WRSU show, “Talk of the Town.”

Murray was a host of “RU Entertained?” in the early days of the program in her time at WRSU. The show – which currently airs weekdays from 3-4 pm – features entertainment news and celebrity gossip. She also hosted her own show, “Talk of the Town,” which featured the latest pop hits with news about the latest hitmakers and celebrities sprinkled in. She continued to host the show until 2017 as an alum.

Listen to Nicole talk about her new show and her time at WRSU below:

Follow Nicole Murray on Twitter @NicoleM943. For more on “PopCrush Nights with Nicole Murray, click here.

WRSU will air “On the Pandemic,” a bi-weekly Rutgers podcast on COVID-19 in New Jersey

Mary O’Dowd, former NJ Health Commissioner, is hosting a new podcast called “On the Pandemic,” that will also air on WRSU. O’Dowd is a Rutgers alum, and former Daily Targum staffer.

Former New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd – now back at Rutgers, her alma mater – is hosting a new podcast called “On the Pandemic,” which also air every other Thursday at noon on WRSU 88.7FM and online at

O’Dowd is the Executive Director of Health Systems and Population Health Integration for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and is an advisory member for the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Prior to coming “Back to the Banks” in 2016, she served as state health commissioner from April 2011 through July 2015.

Every other week, O’Dowd will interview medical professionals, health experts and more, in order to take a closer look at the COVID-19 pandemic.

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