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Raveena Interview with WRSU

WRSU’s Nida Ansari had the wonderful chance to chat with dream-pop icon Raveena Aurora. They talked about Raveena’s newest single, “Tweety”, her musical influences, her connection to herself, and way more. Read more of what Nida had to say about the interview here:

Recently I sat down with Raveena Aurora, an Indian singer and songwriter, to discuss her new single “Tweety” and what her life has been like recently. She talked about the musical and lyrical influences that shaped “Tweety,” and how it’s something new from her last album “Lucid.” It was really interesting to hear her talk about her connection to spirituality and how that impacts her music and outlook on life. We also got to talk about her role as a Desi woman in the music industry, and what responsibilities she feels she has to other women and non-binary people of color. Bonding with her over Bollywood songs was the best part, and I highly recommend listening to the soundtracks of the movies she listed! Iā€™m looking forward to her future projects and music, it was so lovely to speak with her!

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