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Slayyyter Slays on Her Debut Mixtape “Slayyyter”

The self-titled debut mixtape by 23-year-old Slayyyter has finally arrived wrapped up in a hot pink, bedazzled bow. The self-proclaimed “e-girl,” gained traction on her six released singles thanks to her tens of thousands of Twitter followers. She received the ultimate seal of approval from pop-futurist Charli XCX, by appearing on her “THE MOTHERF***ING FUTURE” Spotify playlist in 2018. The songs featured, “BFF” and “Ghosttt,” boosted her musical following even more.

In a time where artists often reminisce upon eras like the 70s, 80s, or 90s, Slayyyter focuses her self-titled project on her love for 2007. She takes elements of female pop groups of the 2000’s, like the Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane, and twists it into cohesive, industrial pop. Much of this mixtape is heavily influenced by post-shaved-head Britney Spears, and the modernness of pop contemporaries Kim Petras, SOPHIE, and Charli XCX. 

It isn’t an accident that Slayyyter opens up her mixtape featuring her collaboration with underground pop producer Ayesha Erotica. “BFF” is an uptempo electro-pop record with references to mid-2000s nostalgia. “Got our matching Juicy lockets / Keep our celly in our pockets,” are just some of the lyrics that clearly makes this song a bop.

Slayyyter isn’t afraid to be explicit in what she wants. She takes control in her music and in her lyrics. “Daddy AF” and “Candy” provide enough bluntness to paint a clear picture of Slayyyter’s desires and lifestyle. “Daddy AF”’s booming bass and Slayyyter’s rapper-like cadence throughout the song’s verses make for an incredibly catchy tune. “Candy,” perfectly auto-tuned with its R&B undertones, meshes well with the song’s sexuality and lyrics. 

“Celebrity” exemplifies Slayyyter’s naturally unapologetic IDGAF attitude. If her love for the 2000s wasn’t apparent already, she essentially equates her life to that of Y2K icons Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, with lyrics like “the paparazzi follow me wherever I go / I think I need a TV show.” Being the most electronic-based song off the project, Slayyyter was definitely influenced in more than one way by Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster.

The standout song on the album, “Ur Man,” embodies everything that a pop anthem should be. In the song, Slayyyter professes how she doesn’t want another girl’s man, despite his persistent pursuits: “your friends are comin’ for me but he came onto me.” Most of the song lyrics are repetitive in nature, but the production by Robokid and AOBeats paints a true masterpiece. This song’s vivid, industrial production, natural melody, and simple message makes this her most impressive record. “Ur Man” embodies the theme for this mixtape perfectly—confidence and clarity. 

Slayyyter is an exuberant and celebratory 2000’s-themed mixtape that is the quintessential 2010’s pastiche of 2000s electropop. The musical production and Slayyyter’s own persona make for the perfect pop recipe. From e-boys to Juicy Couture lockets, Slayyyter creates her own fantasy world that we just happen to live in. 

Best Tracks(s): Candy, Devil, Ur Man, Motorcycle, Celebrity

Rating: 8.5/10

Review by: Kaylee Landrigan