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Stephen Day’s “Every Way (Supernatural)” – Track Review

Credit: Stephen Day

Stephen Day’s latest release “Every Way (Supernatural)” shows a side to the artist that we haven’t heard before. The painfully sweet production is proven to be on-brand for the singer, but the choice to go the magical and mysterious route makes it clear why Stephen decided to add “(Supernatural)” to the title.

Known for his jazz/pop influences, reminiscent of early Jason Mraz or Eric Hutchinson, this release plays more along the likes of LANY or Joan. This song about a lost romance exists with haunting and dreamy tones and bedroom pop written all over it. When I was listening for the first time, I had to check twice and make sure that it was, in fact, Stephen Day because it sounded so incredibly different from his previous album, Guess I’m Grown Now.

Perfect for a introspective night-time drive, Stephen begs for the love of the past to exist again with lyrics like “We’re on fire, can’t cool it down /  Thank God schools out / Summer time just the two of us” and “It’s a supernatural thing to explain / But I want your body on my body every way”

The song took a few listens before it became a part of my day-today soundtrack (of which it definitely has been). Production-wise, this song plays on heavy choral effects as well as some reverb. The overall tone feels hazy and unfamiliar, which may sound deterring yet it’s somehow welcoming. Using entirely synth accompaniment, The feeling this song gives you is the equivalent to floating in the pool in the dark pretending to be a lonely pool noodle. 

When releasing this pensive single, Stephen also provided a statement on his Instagram about how special this song is to him. Since the start of quarantine back in March, he has been hunkered down in his room recording new music. This is the first of the many anticipated songs to come out of these last few months. 

Day plans to release an EP of tunes written, performed, and produced exclusively by himself.  Titled Original Songs and Sound, this EP is Stephen’s “exploration in the world of Bedroom Pop.” and is expected to release on November 20th. Based on this single alone, it’s clear that we will see a much more electronic and subdued version of Stephen Day.

Article By: Shannon Maloney