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The Self Proclaimed African Giant Returns

“They call me Burna Boy and these are The Outsiders.” 

Burna Boy performed to a rowdy crowd on Friday the thirteenth. After a circus of opening acts ranging from DJs to dance teams to knock-off versions of Cardi B, Burna Boy finally came to the stage. He skillfully merged each song into the next, not taking a break until after an hour to preach to his audience.

“At the end of the day what hope does the youth have when the past continues,” said Burna Boy referencing both the Nigerian and American Presidential Elections. In Nigeria, President Buhari is still in power meaning that no change can be made to their corrupt government; while in America President Trump continues to make changes tearing apart the policies created before him. He goes on to say, “Please do what you can for your world. Do what you can for your home because that is the future for you and your children.” 

The live band backing up Burna Boy kept a steady beat that fused electric melodies with live instruments. The drum-heavy beat kept the crowd moving. So much so that one girl even lost her wig while dancing shaku shaku. Hearing Burna Boy’s booming voice live was liberating after only hearing recordings. Being able to see each instrument as it was being played added a new level to the music. I hadn’t paid attention before but listening to the live music allowed me to notice the way his backup singer’s high voice was piercing like a needle being threaded smoothly through Burna Boy’s deep vocals. 

Burna Boy ended his performance with the song “Ye” by having everyone turn on the flashlight from their phones. Everyone united in these last moments to sing while Burna Boy smiled at what I imagine to be the effect his music had on each and every one of us.

Review By: Natalie Francisco