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Tyler the Creator Concert Coverage

Igor wigs, security carrying passed out fans, and stargazing is the only way a Tyler, the Creator concert should be started. The night began with icons in the making like Goldlink and, the one and only, Jaden Smith. September 25th at Philadelphia’s The Mann Center will forever be a night to remember for those who attended. Tyler’s projected visuals and pyrotechnic explosions (the fire shooting out of the stage floor, yeah, those) definitely left the city on fire that night.

Tyler opened his set with “IGOR’S THEME” standing still with all eyes on him literally in the spotlight. The concert progressed in order of the album, Igor. He even performed some throwbacks like, “Who Dat Boy,” “911/Mr. Lonely,” and “She.” Tyler’s visuals were undeniably brilliant with monochromatic colors for different sections of his set, but it was the aura of the crowd that was most prominent. 

Yeah, this is corny, but the crowd was filled with love. The love of the crowd for Tyler was projected on stage. He performed every song with meaning like it was his last time. Tyler, the Creator somehow managed to fill a big open field with intimacy as he played on a white grand piano, wearing a wig, and cursing like the world was going to end.

Igor is usually characterized as an assistant to gothic villains. In his fifth studio album, Tyler takes on this persona to express his chaotic range of emotions towards love. He closed out the concert with “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” Tyler never spared any of the vulnerability that could be exhumed from Igor the character.

As I watched everyone leave with smiles on their faces and the city lights in the background, I could not help but imagine how so many lives were changed that night. It was not until the next day, with his nostalgic 70’s visuals combined with Tyler’s transparency with his fans, that I realized my life would not be the same after watching that performance.I will never forget how connected I felt to complete strangers, feeling as if I were on stage next to Tyler watching history in the making.

Tyler, the Creator is an icon living. Igor has touched so many and his goal was accomplished: his listeners know that they are not alone.

Concert Review By: Sade Lawful