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On-Air Underwriting

Non-commercial, non-profit radio stations play an integral role in bringing together and supporting the communities they serve. To maintain the broadcasting standards of WRSU-FM and to continue to serve the Rutgers and local New Jersey communities, we rely on organizational contributions to maintain our station and perform upgrades. Your program grant will let our listeners know that your organization cares about local community programming.

Packages vary by the amount of the contribution and may include daily and hourly announcements, and program grants for specific shows or broadcast events (e.g., “The XYZ Company Rutgers Football Half-Time Show,” “WRSU News at 10 brought to you by The XYZ Company,” “123 in concert live is brought to you in part by a program grant from XYZ Company”).

Website Recognition

Interested organizations can have their support recognized on the WRSU-FM website exclusively, or in conjunction with on-air program grants or donations.


WRSU-FM welcomes donations of money, equipment, or other items from individuals or organizations.

Please contact Mike Pavlichko, Broadcast Administrator, if you are interested in learning more about on-air underwriting, website recognition, or donations at WRSU-FM.