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WRSU kicks off $70,000 fundraiser for 70th Anniversary Renovation Project

To kick off 2018, WRSU is embarking on a huge fundraiser.  The goal:  $70,000 for a major studio renovation project to commence soon after the station celebrates its 70th Anniversary this April.


DJ Danny Forman pays tunes on the air during his weekday show in one of the “newer” WRSU studios.

WRSU moved into its current studios 50 years ago.  And while many improvements have been made over the years, some of the technology in the studios is original to the 1968 move-in.  The renovations will include a complete refurbishment of on-air studios – including walls, ceilings and ventilation – as well as new consoles and audio networking, and a digital audio playback system.  All of this is the latest in broadcast technology and aimed at giving WRSU’s student-broadcasters the highest quality real-life radio experience they can get.

If you enjoy WRSU, please give to our campaign.  Click here for more information.