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WRSU Celebrates 70 Years with Alumni On The Air

WRSU’s 1960s logo, at 680 on your AM dial.

Happy 70th Birthday, WRSU!

April 26, 1948.  That’s when WRSU signed on the air at 630 AM, heard only in the dorms at Rutgers College and what later became known as Douglass College.

WRSU kicked off a week-long Alumni Week on April 21, with an invitation-only banquet attended by more than 120 alumni and current staff members.  Alums ranging from the ’50s to the 2010s were on hand to share stories of their times on WRSU, complete with memorabilia including one of our first “FM” consoles installed in the late ’60s.

The following week, several alumni were back “on the air.”  You can hear some of the airchecks below:First, Mike Jarmus (’67) was on the air spinning tunes and telling stories of the “old” days at WRSU:

Then, Eva Wong Abreu (’89)

… and Tim Jackson (’82) joined in with DJ sets of their own:

Former WRSU News Director and retired CBS News executive Harvey Nagler enjoys a laugh with current News Director Lauren Forsman during Alumni Week activities.


Legendary CBS Radio exec Harvey Nagler (’66) joined News Director Lauren Forsman (’18) and General Manager Dom Savino (’18) on the air to talk about how WRSU launched his stellar career as one of the top broadcast executives in the country.  Nagler retired in January of 2017 as the Vice President of Radio at CBS News:

A special edition of Knightbeat with Ryan Berger (’18) and News Director Lauren Forsman (’18) featured a duo who covered the 1976 presidential election on WRSU:  News Director Stuart Naar and Rutgers political science professor Dr. Ross Baker:

GM Dom Savino is joined by John Beisser and Steve Boy on ’80s Alumni Knightline.

Two alumni versions of Knightline – WRSU’s groundbreaking sports call-in show – were held, with alums from the ’80s through the 2010s.

The first was hosted by Dom Savino (’18) and focused mainly on the ’80s.  Alums included Steve Boy, Mike Maron (’83), Bruce Binkowitz (’82), and Gary Minkoff (’83), with Jon Newman (’82) and Jim Berman (’82) on the phone.  John Beisser and Tim Whiteside also joined the fray:

The second featured Mike Pavlichko (’00) and Dom Savino (’18) hosting with Drew Weisholtz (’97), Todd Cohen (’98), Max Scheiner (’09) Jason Goldstein (’12) and Mike Rivera (’15):