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WRSU News interviews NJ Congressman Frank Pallone as he hunkers down during Capitol siege

WRSU News Director Caleb Kuberiet anchored four hours of live coverage of Wednesday’s siege of the U.S. Capitol on Washington, D.C. supporters of President Trump and his claims of election fraud, highlighted by a live telephone interview with a New Jersey Congressman.

Long Branch Congressman Frank Pallone (D-7th) phoned in to WRSU from a secure location after the protesters stormed the Capitol and breached security to get inside the building, as Congress was certifying the votes from each state in the hotly-contested and disputed presidential election.

Pallone says his office looks out on the Capitol and he was watching as protesters closed in on the building. Pallone explained he was still in his office because Congress was “determined” to complete the process of approving electors.

Listen below to the complete interview with WRSU News Director Caleb Kuberiet and 7th District Congressman Frank Pallone:


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