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Chase Atlantic EP “Don’t Try This” Review

This past summer, I interviewed Chase Atlantic for WRSU. When I asked the Australian trio, Clinton Cave, Mitchel Cave, and Christian Anthony what their new music would sound like, they ironically replied, “It’s very Chase Atlantic.” They couldn’t have said it better.

The name of their new EP, DON’T TRY THIS, is sarcastic in itself, as frontman Mitchel Cave points out in an earlier tweet directed towards his audience:

Sure, the band talks hard drugs and harder love under the influence of drugs, but they hint to fans to look past the lyrics, not to mimic them, and to just enjoy the music.

Chase Atlantic worked nonstop this year, producing, writing, and touring constantly. The band reflects on their extraordinary experiences and emotions in the new music.

Chase Atlantic separates themselves from other artists by layering their music in a way that never reveals all of their cards. Each sound effect speaks a secret language, as if the instruments are plotting or are in conversation with one another.

A familiar intro to “WHAT U CALL THAT” will leave fans on the edge of their seats. The drop before Mitchel sings “Seven-headed snake…” is crisp and unforgettable. The song does not leave room for outside distraction. The band repeatedly warns their fans and maybe significant others that their parents, brothers, etc. would not like them. This concept is later addressed in “LIKE A ROCKSTAR” and isolates Chase Atlantic from the rest of the world.

It’s no surprise that fans feel connected yet disconnected from the band, as they share intimate details of their relationships in songs, yet push the world away at the same time.

I know that your brother wants to fight me
High-key, clenching knuckles so I hit him lightly
If you wanna talk, do it nicely
Or don’t call back, tell me what you call that

The mumbling throughout the EP circles back to the theme that is “Don’t Try This,” or “Don’t take this seriously.”

On the other hand, “YOU TOO” is a direct, serious letter to someone, a love-less letter. This song is the “Angeline” of DON’T TRY THIS, but it’s certainly an upgrade from “Angeline” in that it tells a full story. The song details the troubles of young love and the realization of an unfair, unbalanced relationship. It’s beautifully laid out for the audience and it marks the end of an era for Chase Atlantic.

“LIKE A ROCKSTAR” is my third favorite song on the EP. Not only does it make a clear statement but it speaks the mind of every artist who has made it in the wild music industry. It’s so extreme that it begins to feel like a parody of a rockstar, the way Poppy is to pop music.

The least typical Chase Atlantic song on the EP by far is “DEVILISH”. It’s hard-hitting, energetic, and almost attacks anyone who tries to wash the band members of their sins. The band gives it their all, and the song succeeds at encasing them in their own beliefs and ways. It leads back to the overarching meaning of the EP once again, that is, worship Chase Atlantic or not, the band will continue to be themselves.

The last two songs, “GREENGREENGREEN” and “LUST” are the dreamiest and my two favorite songs of the EP. The meaning and flow of the two songs are abstract and transport the listener to another realm. There are many references to drugs and their effects in these songs, but it’s not overt or obnoxious.

“LUST” is like a blanket as it’s mystical sound effects that paint an enchanted forest cover the harsher tones of love and reassure people that lust is enough.

Hard drugs, no trust
F*** love, we can do this sh** forever if it’s lust, yeah, yeah
Listen up, yeah
But who cares? I give up
Yeah, I don’t care if they don’t like me, listen
I don’t give a f***, yeah, yeah
I’ll be falling in lust, yeah (Yeah, yeah, oh)

As always, each song on the DON’T TRY THIS EP both stands alone and connects perfectly. The new music is more developed, self-aware, and stern in its presence, but it does not veer far from the path that Chase Atlantic fans know and love.

Review By: Bri Born